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What is sexual energy?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Sexual energy is falsely associated with arousal and its different levels. It's not incorrect but that's just one fraction of what sexual energy truly is. This fire within ourselves has many forms. From stomach butterflies to willpower. When people get aroused from an achievement - that's sexual energy. It's the shot of life in your veins. Sexual energy is also creativity. It's the life within and the combination of the masculine and feminine forces - the dark and light - both outside and inside of us because all of us have both of them, no worries about that. Sexual energy is the core of every heartfelt creation in our lives. It's very empowering and that's why it's meant to be taboo.

Sexuality has been demonized for centuries for one very 'good' reason. Sexuality empowers and empowered people are much less gullible. They won't be manipulated and they won't obey. Men of religion started with this "witch hunt" for that it was dangerous - not to people, but to themselves and their concept of freeloading on people's property in the name of faith. "Witches" and "heretics" saw this reality and wanted to spread the word, thus were eliminated. They were a danger to society and that prevailed. Sexual liberation is a big danger to society as it is right now. Free thinking is not encouraged even though it may nowadays seem otherwise. The tactics for that are getting better and sneakier as people are getting smarter so only the one who is determined to see the truth will unveil it.

But back to sexuality. In the ancient days of Greece - one of the most advanced eras of all time where science, art, and philosophy flourished - orgies and homosexual intercourses were normal. People embraced their bodies and the limitless human soul and mind. Rich polytheistic religion is also attributed by teaching people how to work with the different kinds of energies that are present around us in everyday life - not only there was love, reason, rage, luck, darkness..etc. but the subtle combinations in the mythology was showing merely every human emotion and potential life situation and explained the forces in play.

Sexually empowered people have confidence and the urge to create - to change for the better - themselves and the world. And when the world you live in functions mainly on the practice of exploiting 99 percent of the population, it's reasonable that no one want's you empowered. Therefore we have the principle of sin and funnily enough the only massively acceptable form of "sexuality" is the animalistic sex we know from porn which basically strips away everything that sexuality is. But we're still doing it and being ashamed of it at the same time. That's what we were taught, but it doesn't bode, does it?

Sexuality is our nature. Literally. It's what we were born from and what is creating us on both material and spiritual levels. It's the cells in your body made from the sex of your parents. Same as it's your art, project, or business made from the sex of your inner energies.

Explore this with yourself. And don't let anyone or anything discourage you from experiencing self-love-making. In the physical, mental, spiritual. All at once is perfect. Many of the biggest ideas in the world came exactly from this space. It's the space of creation, the space of birth.

Let yours speak to the ether.

Create YOU in the world.

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