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My Vision

I am here to bridge the worlds of imagination and reality, for they were never separate. The freedom of the soul lies in the ability of one to free themselves. Real is an illusion that comes to life with thought, "good" or "bad". All of them are equal to choose from due to our free will and consciousness. Bending reality is in your power and I am here to remind you of it. Freedom is a choice to live with all the responsibility that comes with living. Magic is but a multi-dimensional physics that we use on daily basis to change our meanings of existence.

And I am here for it, 
so are you.

What is it that I do?

I would love to describe what I do in words but the experience is untransferable from one to another through communication. The impact of my work is composed of several elements and they intercombine based on the person and the environment I am working with. How our work shows up is relying on many circumstances that I won't and cannot change. 
The effect of our work can be of several kinds - with me as an ignitor,  supporter, teacher (and a student), a force of liberation... plus the willingness of you to open and change the necessary by being true and then be the same for yourself. It all comes down to the level we're able to access together at the given moment and then expand.

Freedom and Society
Introduction and the 2D Cube Metaphor
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